Jan 14, 2024

Are you on board with AI?

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McKinsey data shows that 56% of companies already use AI, a number that grows each day. Those who don’t embrace AI to maximize teamwork will be slower to accelerate work.

AI massively boosts productivity and unlocks innovation across your organization at an unprecedented scale. And now, Atlassian Intelligence can be your pathway to maximizing the potential of AI.

Introducing Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is a collection of AI-powered capabilities across cloud products that helps teams accelerate work, increase efficiency, and provide value faster using AI.

It is your virtual teammate, developed with Atlassian’s AI models and OpenAI to deliver transformative insights from your data and drive action across your teams.

Atlassian Intelliegence
Atlassian Intelligence
Organizations use Atlassian Intelligence to:


Accelerate Work: It helps teams speed up their work by generating and transforming content.

Increase Efficiency: Summarize critical details in data, allowing teams to grasp key points quickly.

Have Quick Access to Information: It helps you find the work you need quickly.

Deliver Context-Specific Results: It delivers results specific to your organization’s context by using the Teamwork graph, internal language models, and OpenAI.

Achieve Enhanced Productivity in Atlassian Products: Generate new content, edit the tone of writing, summarize documents, or find information in Confluence, Jira, and beyond. In Jira Service Management, use the virtual agent for immediate responses or summarising complex requests.

Learn more about what we can help you achieve – download our Guide to Atlassian Intelligence.


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