Sep 12, 2023

What you need to know about Cloud migrations at scale – learn from Atlassian experts who know it best.

Atlassian customers have this unique opportunity to take advantage of lower infrastructure costs, innovative Cloud-only features, and more! Enterprise customers increasingly want to migrate their tools from Atlassian’s self-managed offering to Cloud. Check out this webinar, where Atlassian experts provide vital tactics to migrate to the Cloud at scale successfully.  


In this 30-min webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How migrations are a transformation
  • The importance of planning your user migration early
  • Using Atlassian tools for third-party app migration

With large user bases, multiple Atlassian tools, a lot of custom apps, and lots of data, moving to Atlassian Cloud may feel like a steep mountain to climb. But it’s not. ANB Technologies has helped many customers make the move successfully, and have lots of learnings to share that can help make your Cloud move smooth and easy.

Let’s start the webinar by learning about Atlassian’s journey to the cloud.


Next, Lets learn key tips about assessing and planning your Atlassian cloud migration.

In this next section, you will learn about the prep work that is required for the Atlassian Cloud Migration.

And Finally, lets learn the importance of understanding your Atlassian toolsets and prepping with your team.


Atlassian recommends you work with Atlassian Solution Partner like us for cloud migrations, as we have the migration expertise to ensure your team is set up for success in this evolving digital landscape.

Contact us now to talk to one of our Atlassian Cloud migration experts. 

About ANB Technologies

ANB Technologies is an Atlassian solution partner specializing in providing Atlassian consulting services. With years of experience, proven expertise, and certified professionals in Atlassian cloud migration, Enterprise Service Management (ITSM, ITAM, HRSM, Procurement) and DevOps areas, ANB delivers high-quality services throughout customers’ Atlassian journey from strategic roadmaps definition to product launch. 

To learn more about ANB Technologies Atlassian service offerings, visit our website at:

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