Key Industries

Experience tailored solutions designed to revolutionize operations across key industries. Our holistic approach integrates cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to drive transformative outcomes. Trust our dedicated team to optimize your enterprise processes and propel your business forward.


The world of finance changes by the minute. From evolving compliance mandates to cybersecurity and disruptive technologies, financial businesses including banks, insurance agencies, brokerages and fintech’s – are facing increasing challenges. With ANB’s valuable experience in the finance industry, you can gain unparalleled visibility over your complex IT environment and speed to implement Enterprise service management processes and solutions.ory services ranging from roadmap to Organization Change Management.


Fast moving innovations in healthcare technology are changing the nature of service delivery for modern hospitals and health systems. With ANB’s years of service management consulting and implementation experience, your IT team can keep pace with the advancements in technology and supporting the health care providers you support. We help your organization’s mission of delivering exceptional patient care.

Life Sciences

Whether you’re heading toward clinical trials or on the path to commercialization, innovation and technology is key to it. The last thing you need in a fast-moving industry is for your IT management solutions to lag. With years of life science industry experience, ANB can help streamline IT operations, allowing stakeholders to do what they do best: develop new medicines and solutions for patients who need them.


Businesses involved in Telecom sector face a huge challenge: keeping up with the rapid evolution of generations of technologies such as 5G, to provide customers with the highest performing infrastructures. Additionally, telecommunications companies have major needs in terms of infrastructure security, reliability, and customer experience. ANB understands these challenges very well and offers a variety of flexible Enterprise Service Management solutions focused on Telecom industry.


Mergers and acquisitions are rising while competition continues to mount within the Insurance industry. To succeed in this rapidly industry, your organization must find ways to improve operational efficiencies specially around technology. With years of experience under our belt in Insurance industry, ANB can help implement Enterprise Service Management solutions that will help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and enhance the overall user experience.


As manufacturing industry grows, ANB’s modern consulting, automation and managed services solutions help address manufacturers’ biggest challenges. Whether manufacturers look to launch or expand their Enterprise Service Management operations, ANB can help their team navigate the complex considerations of ESM processes, platform design and implementation to ensure customer satisfaction and ability to stay competitive in this digital age.